General Information

All visitors to Australia must have a valid visa to travel to and enter Australia, including Commonwealth & US passport holders.
Welcome letters can be requested by emailing the Conference Managers (  following completion of Conference registration.
Note – it is strongly recommended that Australian visa applications are lodged at least two months prior to departure from your point of origin. This may not be organised upon arrival.
For more information on VISAs information download the information fact sheet from the Australian Immigration Office.
There are 3 visas (ETA/eVisitor/Visitor Visa) the difference is your passport nationality.

1. ETA (Electronic Travel authority)
Only available for passport holders of: Brunei/Canada/Hong Kong/Japan/Malaysia/Singapore/South Korea and USA

Select Business Visitor under the passport photo, then select location (using the drop down box) choose the country of your passport. Tick the terms and conditions box and then NEXT (bottom right)

Then continue with the application.
The ETA costs $AUD20.00

2. eVisitor (651)
If you cant see your country then you have to get a visitor visa.

There are 2 steps

1/ Create an ImmiAccount (create an individual account)

2/ Once you have created the immiAccount you can log in and continue with the eVisitor visa

Do not copy and paste, only use numbers and letters – the system does not accept any other characters (if you cant proceed check that you haven’t used a character)

3. Visitor Visa
Please contact WOW! Travel.
If you are having trouble with any application – please email us